Squeeze Email Newsletters


There's a new way to monetize your email newsletters! Gold Lasso's mLoop (Monetization Loop) lets publishers earn money from email links and opens. Best of all, there's ZERO effect on subscriber attrition and engagement. If you're not using this new monetization methodology you're definitely leaving money on the table.


Current Native CPM Range: $3.50 – $11.50

Current Interstitial CPM Range: $9.35 – $34.65


Gold Lasso's mLoop works with your current email service provider (ESP). You perform all of the same email marketing tasks, the only technical difference is that we automate the syndication of pre-approved PPC (pay per click) native advertising in your newsletters as well as trigger interstitials based on email newsletter clicks. This process matches thousands of advertiser offers against a proprietary algorithm of subscriber demographics, purchasing history online footprints.


 Use the mLoop process with your ESP or use Gold Lasso and save!


Publisher Testimonial - The Daily Caller