If you need to offer your clients a comprehensive email marketing solution or service but don’t know where to start look no further. Whether you’re a marketing agency looking for outsourced email marketing solutions and services, or a consulting firm that provides a more hands-on approach for your clients we have the right private label solution for you.

Gold Lasso’s agency solutions provide both the technical and business flexibility to accommodate your business model. We can act as an outsourced solutions provider completely transparent to your clients, or partner with you to provide advanced consultation to your clients.  Whichever method is right for business you maintain full control of your client relationships.   With our private labeled solutions you brand eLoop™ as your own, you charge what you think is fair and you maintain your business relationships. We provide you with the technology, support and expertise so you can offer additional products and services without the hassle.

Our philosophy is to only lend agency solutions to the willing and able. Therefore, we take our relationships with agencies very seriously. We commit the time and resources necessary to guarantee success. We do not consider our agency relationships an affiliate program or a press-release swap. Our agency relationships are real and the money we make together is real.

If you feel that working with Gold Lasso can be beneficial to your organization, please take the opportunity to contact us. A Gold Lasso representative will call to discuss various agency-partnering opportunities.

Gold Lasso Agency Highlights:

  • Zero technology investment
  • Web-based client management control panel
  • 100% private labeled system
  • Private labeled Gold Lasso technical support
  • Additional revenue for your business
  • Agency application features & benefits

Private Labeled Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions for Agencies

Private Labeled eLoop for Agencies
If you’re a traditional full-service agency looking to control 100% of the email marketing process for your clients, look no further. Gold Lasso’s eLoop™ system can be completely branded for you or your clients. Everything from login screen to the application can retain the look and feel of your brand. You can even have an area on your Website where your clients can login and view campaign results without accessing the rest of the application. In addition, if you need some extra hands managing your clients’ email projects, Gold Lasso is more than willing to offer our services to your clients under your brand.
Private Labeled eLoop for DM Service Providers
Multi-channel is the trend in direct marketing. However, specializing in more than one channel can be difficult. Therefore, Gold Lasso has developed a program for traditional direct marketing service providers to offer their customers email marketing services. This one-stop-shop experience allows your clients to deal with one vendor all their direct needs while you retain complete control of your relationship with them.

Private Labeled eLoop for Franchisers
As a franchiser of a retail store or restaurant, it can be difficult to get your franchisees to embrace new marketing trends. Gold Lasso has developed a way for a franchiser to offer an easy to use, seamless, email marketing package to encourage their franchisees to maintain relationships with customers via email. This private labeled solution can be accessed directly from your Website where you can offer a value-added service to your franchisees.