The publishing industry is continually faced with the challenges of balancing subscriber experience and monetization via email. eLoop optimizes this balance by providing advanced email management and automation technologies, coupled with quality ad revenue opportunities, presented in new and elegant ways. eLoop’s technologies and partnerships help to transform your traditional email cost center into revenue producing machines.

Automate Your Email Newsletters

If content helps to drive your business, then we have the right solution for you. Gold Lasso's RSS-to-Email solution allows you to automatically take multiple RSS feeds, format them, and place their content in an email. In fact, the process is so automated that you can execute a campaign based on when the last RSS feed is updated. If you publish a lot of website and blog related content, and need to repurpose it for newsletters and alerts, then this solution will save you hours of production time. Once you setup your RSS feeds with your template all you need to do is determine your campaign execution parameters which can include multiple variables such as day, week, time of day or when the last feed is updated. You can even include RSS feeds inside advanced personalization features such as dynamic content, providing your subscribers with a rich experience.

With Gold Lasso's RSS-to-Email solution you can stop wasting time updating your email templates and concentrate your production time on developing great content.

Automated Newsletters RSS-to-Email


Automate Subscription Renewal Notices

Start the renewal process early with scheduled reminders months before subscriptions expire. eLoop provides a cost effective model to keep renewals at the top of your subscribers’ minds and your attrition rates to a minimum.

Subscription Renewals

Get Breaking News Out FAST With One Click Alerts

When news breaks, being the first to reach your subscribers ensures the value of your publishing brand.  However, since time is of the essence, it's not always easy to produce and format content in the field or on the fly.  Therefore, we created an automated process called One Click Alerts where you can send an email from any device to a secure mailbox, bypassing formal campaign setup steps.  eLoop takes the email sent to the secured mailbox, and automatically reformats it into a template and distributes it to predetermined lists.  

Email to Email Alerts


Give Your Subscribers Real Choices & Self Management

Ensure your subscribers are getting only the messages they want, using a customized message preference center where they can choose lists, update their information and provide feedback. In addition, you never have to manually update your list, since the opt-in/opt-out process is entirely automated — keeping you in complete compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Ethical Email List Rental

Renting your email list is much more challenging these days. Many variables need to be considered such as compliance and list attrition while balancing the opportunity to make money with advertising tolerance.  To efficiently and ethically monetize your email list, you need to incorporate best permission as well as best technical practices.

Even though successful email list rental is premised on permission, email volume from third-party advertisers must be kept relevant and at tolerable levels to avoid list attrition. In addition to a robust preference and permission management engine, eLoop/mLoop includes a feature called Global Limits and Forecasting developed especially for ethical email list rental. This feature allows the marketer to put weekly, monthly and annual volume limits on specific lists preventing subscribers from being overwhelmed with third-party advertising messages. It also provides a forecasting features where you can see exactly how much volume is left for a given time period so you don't "over sell" your email volume inventory.

Increase Subscriber Acquisitions

Gold Lasso has a vested interest in helping you to grow your lists responsibly and ethically. Therefore, we provide a list building program just for publishers where you get the opportunity to work with other contextually relevant partners using cooperative means. Our list building methodologies have proven to be the most effective way to achieve high volume and quality list growth.  Read more about eLoop's List Building Exchange for publishers. 

Sell Ancillary Products

Ancillary product sales can easily add additional revenue to your bottom line. Subscriber knowledge of ancillary products is unusually low. eLoop provides the means to effectively spread the word about your available products and services.

Promote Webinars, Seminars and Course Sign-Up

Promotion is easy and automatic with eLoop’s Action Based Messaging (ABM). Promote webinars, seminars and manage online sign-ups – all within your eLoop publisher account.

Solicit Subscriber Feedback

eLoop’s robust and integrated survey module allows you to customize communications based on your subscriber’s feedback, creating a closed loop email solution.