Association Email Marketing Solutions

Effective communication with members and member prospects is the most important action an association can take to grow. Gold Lasso understands what it takes to build and strengthen relationships, and we want you to capitalize on our knowledge and experience. Email outreach, if done correctly, can be a powerful communication tool with enormous potential. However, press the "Send" button too many times and you'll be sure to overwhelm your members, labeling your email a nuisance. At Gold Lasso, we know what works for the association market and have helped over 40 association clients maximize their email marketing investment.


Email marketing solutions for associations include:

  • Easy Message Composition

    Easily create and manage your member communications with little or no HTML knowledge using your own custom templates and Gold Lasso's proprietary message editor. You will save time and design costs with frequently used graphics available through your graphics library with just a few clicks.
  • Member Preference Center & List Management

    Gold Lasso's eLoop gives you the most flexibility to build and maintain member and prospect email lists. Ensure your members are getting only the messages they want using a customized message preference center where they can choose lists, update their information and provide feedback. In addition, you never have to manually update your list since the opt-in/opt-out process is entirely automated — keeping you in complete compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • "Member-Get-A-Member" - Automated Member Referral Process

    Grow your membership exponentially with a completely automated and hassle free member referral process built especially for the association industry. This eLoop™ feature has helped many associations save on traditional Member-Get-A-Member campaign design, print and mailing costs while realizing high increases in new memberships. Current association clients are using this feature quarterly with great success.
  • Member Surveys/Landing Pages

    Get to know and understand your members' needs by developing comprehensive member profiles based on data collected through surveys, landing pages, links clicked and other tools provided through eLoop™. Then provide your members with only contextually relevant communications and other information that they will find of value. Make your members happy by giving them only what they want.
  • Automated Dues Renewal Notices

    Get your members to renew their membership faster with eLoop's™ click-through to renew process. This automated feature sends timely notices based on the information in your member management program and allows for members to renew their membership with ease. Give it a try on your next member renewal drive and save time, printing and mailing costs.
  • Conference & Meeting Promotion and Registration

    Successful promotion of your meeting or conference is easy with eLoop's™ Action Based Messaging (ABM). With ABM you can plan your conference marketing in advance, then dynamically adjust it based on member actions encouraging them to register. In addition you can shorten your registration cycle by adding a pre-populated registration (landing) page. All of your responses are tracked in real-time so you know what's working and what's not — fast!