B2B Marketing Automation Solutions

Email is one of the most important business tools to emerge from the Internet, and if used properly by B2B marketers, can give them a boost with building relationships and trust.  eLoop’s standardized features help B2B marketers solve a number of issues with lead generation and nurturing, search engine marketing (SEM) and information dissemination and management.

  • Lead Nurturing and Follow Up

    In the B2B world, just because a prospect inquires doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy.  However making sure you’re top of mind when a prospect is ready to make a purchasing decision is priceless.  eLoop’s time released and Action Based Messaging (ABM) campaigns helps with lead nurturing by automatically following up with prospects based on pre-determined intervals or critical action points. This ensures that you’re in front of your prospects with the right message when they have reached a purchasing decision.  Read more about lead nurturing solutions...
  • 1-to-1 Sales Force Automation

    You have 10, 50, 100 or even 1,000+ sales people that need to send personalized email with their picture and custom content.  To make things even more complicated, if the subscriber hits the “reply” button the email address of the sales person needs to appear in the To: line.  eLoop’s standard features allows the B2B marketer to create custom send profiles for each sales person enabling truly personalized email both technically and from a content standpoint. Read more about 1-to-1 sales force automation...
  • Centralized Lead Collection

    Search engine marketing, email list rental and direct mail campaigns all require response capture, storage and processing however it’s almost never done in a timely manner leaving the prospect or customer waiting for a proper response.  eLoop’s standard features include integrated landing pages that can be completely customized and measured for each of your online and offline marketing efforts.  Data collected from eLoop’s landing pages can be fully integrated into your general email marketing or a separate program can be created for each channel.