As a marketer, one of the biggest challenges of working with a large sales staff is making sure uniform, personalized and timely messages are sent on behalf of each salesperson.  To make things even more complicated, these messages need to include individual from and reply addresses so customer responses are routed accordingly in addition to including a picture and signature line of each salesperson.

Not many systems can provide a solution with this type of sales force automation. They lack the ability to include real individual (not forged) custom header information, robust dynamic content capabilities or both.  Fortunately, as an all inclusive system, eLoop has all the tools necessary to help automate all your sales force communications on a mass scale while efficiently creating messages on an individual basis.  Best of all, these advanced features are available at no additional cost.

eLoop can automate your salesforce communications with:

  • Unlimited sender profiles
  • Comprehensive message routing capabilities
  • Robust dynamic content for real personalization