Traditional direct marketing for the hospitality industry is often clumsy and wasteful.  It rewards one-off customers with peppered coupons and fails to identify and reward real patrons.  For years restaurants have provided a “Win a Free Meal” contest by asking patrons to drop business cards or sign up cards into a box or fishbowl only to have them discarded after the contest has ended or after a couple of direct mailings. Restaurants need real cost-effective solutions to help collect customer info, communicate with them efficiently and reward their most valuable patrons.

Identify Your Best Customers
With eLoop advanced behavior tracking and integration technologies, you can easily identify who is going from your email, to your website, to your store and spending money.  From there you can continue to reward customers that respond to your email efforts with exclusive offers.

Gain New Customers through Referrals
Word-of-mouth is the best marketing a restaurant can ask for and it spreads even faster with email.  Grow your customer base exponentially with a completely automated and hassle free customer referral solution.  This eLoop feature has helped many businesses because it goes way beyond the “Forward to Friend” feature commonly used in email by specifically soliciting referrals then thanking and rewarding the referrer. 

Efficiently Manage Birthday Incentives
Customers love birthday recognitions and the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.  With eLoop, you can easily manage and automate the communications of your birthday incentive program making it easier for your customers to share their special day at your restaurant.

Collect Customer Feedback
Having customer contact information is just the very basic data needed for communication.  To bring your communication efforts to the next level additional customer information is necessary such as favorite menu items, music preferences and overall sentiment.  This information can be efficiently collected and used for enhanced list segmentation for better targeting by using eLoop's integrated surveys and landing pages.