If content helps to drive your business then we have the right solution for you. Gold Lasso’s RSS-to-Email solution allows you to automatically take multiple RSS feeds, format them, and place their content in an email. In fact, the process is so automated that you can execute a campaign based on when the last RSS feed is updated. If you publish a lot of website and blog related content and need to repurpose it for newsletters and alerts than this solution will save you hours of production time. Once you setup your RSS feeds with your template all you need to do is determine your campaign execution parameters which can include multiple variables such as day, week, time of day or when the last feed is updated. You can even include RSS feeds inside advanced personalization features such as dynamic content providing your subscribers with a rich experience.

With Gold Lasso’s RSS-to-Email solution you can stop wasting time updating your email templates and concentrate your production time on developing great content.
Content Marketing - RSS-to-Email