Marketing Automation for Retail

As a retail marketer you know that offering the right product to the right customer at the right time is key to growing top-line sales. Whether you’re an online retailer or physical store or a combination of the two, eLoop is the solution you need to effectively manage and maximize your email marketing ROI. Not only does eLoop facilitate your online marketing strategy, it empowers you to develop integrated multi-channel campaigns. eLoop will help you bring your in-store marketing online and vice-versa creating a cohesive campaign that is transparent to your customer.

  • Automatically Create Messages Based on Past Purchasing Behavior or Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Using eLoop’s standard dynamic content feature, you can automatically create millions of customized messages based on a customer’s past purchasing behavior or a host of other variables such as geographical region, website visits or shopping cart abandonment.
  • Triggered Email Based on Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Even though analysts disagree on the general percentage of shopping cart abandonment, they are all in agreement that it is one of the biggest challenges in converting a website visitor into a customer.  With eLoop, you can have a triggered email sent to your visitors when they abandon their shopping carts that provide incentives to completing the transaction or that ask for feedback on their decision.  Read more about shopping cart abandonment solutions...
  • Automatically Convert Transactional Messages to Relationship Building Messages

    Any opportunity you don’t take to build customer relationships and reinforce your brand is an opportunity wasted.  With eLoop you can transform your dull transactional messages such as receipts, statements and shipping confirmations to compelling relationship building messages so you can seize every email opportunity available to build your brand. Read more about transaction-based email...
  • Automatically Trigger Inventory or Date Based Offers

    Overstocked on SKUs you need to get rid of fast? With Gold Lasso’s triggered based solutions you can automatically run a sale and target interested buyers. Read more about inventory/date based offers...
  • Integration with Web Analytics Solutions

    Follow your traffic and sales from the inbox to the checkout page in detail by integrating eLoop with your current web analytics software to create a complete click stream tracking solution.  This solution will help you to better identify what’s working with your email marketing and what’s not faster and more efficiently.
  • Contests and Sweepstakes

    Promoting contests and sweepstakes can be a boom or bust project with little wiggle room in-between. Given the less than stellar ROI results of contests in recent years, it is becoming increasingly important for online marketers to cap their advertising costs while garnering as many entries as possible. Recently, email has become the direct marketer’s choice to quickly spread the word and increase the hype of an upcoming contest or event and to maximize customer entries. From automated entry forms to enhanced analytics, eLoop has all the necessary tools to make your contest promotions via email successful and profitable.
  • Franchiser and Franchisee Communications

    One of the challenges of a franchiser is to ensure all its franchisees are on the same page. However, just getting a franchisee to adjust their prices can be a challenge within itself. With eLoop you can streamline all your franchisee communications in a timely manner and get the right stores the right information at the right time.  In addition, a franchiser can offer its franchisees a private labeled email marketing solution complete with custom templates to ensure branded communications across all its stores.