Gold Lasso provides all new clients with a FREE comprehensive 15 page report analyzing their existing email marketing program.  From deliverability to software integration, this report is invaluable insight for clients who wish to achieve industry best practices.

Deliverability Analysis
Deliverability is the Achilles’ heel of email marketing and without a good understanding of where your email marketing program stands, your efforts could render useless. With Gold Lasso’s Existing Email Program Evaluation, you will know what kind of deliverability you are currently getting and the steps that are needed to improve it.

  • Authentication Analysis
  • Black List Analysis
  • Reputation Analysis
  • DNS/IP Analysis
  • ISP Complaint Review 

Content Review
Your messages are one of the most important elements in your email marketing program and without proper templates and coding, your recipients might not be able to view them as intended. In addition, it’s important to ensure your general content and coding are not triggering spam filters and spam fighting mechanisms that can inhibit deliverability.

  • Rendering Analysis
  • Template Review
  • Content Review
  • Spam Analysis
  • Mobile Analysis

List Management
Your list management practices will ultimately determine the success of your email marketing efforts. Therefore, the greatest care should be given to ensure they are up to par with industry best practices. The slightest corruption of your email lists can have adverse effects on your deliverability and ultimately your email marketing ROI.

  • Compilation Analysis
  • Opt-In Analysis
  • Inactivity Review
  • Segmentation Review
  • Personalization Review

Software Integration
Successful email marketing provides an incredible amount of information which ultimately needs to be shared with other corporate systems to extract the most value from it. Sometimes sharing basic data such as name and email are not enough to make your efforts successful. Gold Lasso will help you identify what level of integration is right for you.

  • Integration Review
  • CRM Review
  • Web Analytics Review
  • SFA Review
  • ERP Review