Most marketing managers are short-handed and time-crunched. They have messages to create, lists to compile and data to analyze and often lack the manpower to be a successful email marketer on a large scale. There are no short cuts to take and good email marketing takes elbow grease. This is why Gold Lasso offers a full-service option both on an on-demand and subscription basis to give you the extra boost when you need it most. From message creation and testing to list compilation and data analysis, Gold Lasso provides the expertise to keep your email marketing running efficiently and on-time.

Common Full-Service Email Marketing Includes:

  • Email Campaign Setup

    This is the not so fun part of email marketing that is often outsourced. It includes message layout and assembly, list segmentation and management, basic message delivery testing and rendering and campaign scheduling.

  • Message Rendering Analysis

    Making sure your messages can be viewed in a host of different email clients is a challenge. The challenges of Outlook 2007 alone can drive an email marketer to insanity. Gold Lasso's design team has the experience to ensure your message gets rendered in the most complicated of environments and devices.

  • Landing Page and Survey Design & Setup

    Studies have shown that proper landing page and survey design can significantly lift response rates. Gold Lasso's design team has created hundreds of landing pages and surveys for a large range of products and services and has the experience to overcome design challenges such as cross-browser rendering, load optimization and eye focusing.