Strategy & Consulting for Marketing Automation

The difference between a marketing campaign that flies and one that flops is strategic planning. These days anyone can click a button and send an email, but only the savviest of marketers will achieve the results they’re looking for. Gold Lasso continuously strives to learn about our clients’ industries and how to best apply our products and services. We frequent industry events, join our clients trade associations and read their trade journals and market research reports to give our clients an edge.

Our consulting methodology includes solid research on industry trends with a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives. This is then applied to a closed-loop process resulting in email marketing that works. The Gold Lasso difference is that we specialize in our clients’ industries and can handle an entire project from concept to execution to analysis.

Gold Lasso’s strategy and consulting methodology focuses on four main processes that are fundamental to a successful email marketing effort. Our campaigns deliver results because we take the time to guide our clients through each of these processes:

  • PlanStart with clear objectives and goals. What message are you trying to get across? How will you judge the success of the campaign (sales, registrations, requests for information, etc.)? How does this email campaign fit with your overall marketing strategy?
  • Execute – Test, test, test, and then execute your campaign. The key to distribution is to find your target audience when they are ready. We can help you to analyze the results of campaigns to determine the best times/days to transmit each type of campaign.
  • Manage – The foundation behind effective e-mail campaign management lies in the ability to maintain "actionable" profiles for your customers. Are your lists segmented properly? Are your subscribers able to manage their own preferences? Is your bounce rate high and your opt-out rate even higher? Has managing your messages and lists become unwieldy? eLoop™ was designed to automate your campaign and data management needs.
  • Measure - What happens after your campaign is delivered? You need to know. Gold Lasso’s eLoop™ will measure results and track campaign effectiveness. We'll help you calculate the impact your campaigns have on response rates, sign ups and sales. We don’t just measure opens and click throughs. You’ll have access to real time results on which lists are working, which messages are getting the best response, comprehensive survey results and more.

At Gold Lasso, we guide our customers through their campaign strategy to ensure that their campaigns produce actionable results. Our integrated surveys, landing pages and forms with pre-populated fields provide the perfect vehicle for obtaining the valuable business intelligence necessary to deliver highly targeted, personalized email campaigns to customers. All of Gold Lasso’s electronic forms come equipped with auto responders so you can automatically thank your customers for completing a form. And, the real time reporting of page views and conversions will allow you to measure the ROI on your campaigns with precision.