Integrated multi-channel marketing has become essential for both large and small companies transcending every industry.  As a result of their ubiquitous presence, the companies that provide multi-channel marketing technologies are plentiful causing many to think there’s little difference between them. Don't be fooled!  There are big differences between marketing technology vendors.  This quick outline demonstrates how Gold Lasso differentiates itself in the marketplace and why we might be the best choice for your multi-channel marketing needs.

10 Things That Makes Gold Lasso's Email Marketing Different

 Difference #1: We Will Do What It Takes to Make You Successful

If you are patient and open-minded, we will teach you how to master multi-channel marketing. Gold Lasso wants to ensure that our clients reach their full potential with their multi-channel marketing efforts. Therefore, we assign a dedicated account manager to each client who’s job it is to not only provide product support but strategic advice. This account manager acts as a guide getting intimately familiar with their client's business and marketing needs while helping them master multi-channel marketing disciplines.  

 Difference #2: Our Products Are All-Inclusive

What works for you today with your marketing might not work for you tomorrow.  This shift will force you to reevaluate your strategy and the technology that supports it. We make multi-channel marketing success cost effective and easy by providing an all-inclusive feature set scalable for you to grow without having to migrate to a more expensive system. This is contrary to most other solution providers who tier their products based on features forcing you to continually pay more to scale or execute a new strategy. Every time we develop a new feature or expand our system, we make the upgrades available to all our clients.  

 Difference #3: Innovative Advanced Features

From advanced personalization and drip campaigns, to complex segmentation and automation, Gold Lasso’s eLoop delivers one of the most advanced multi-channel marketing systems on the market. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we've helped to solve some of the most complicated marketing challenges with our technology and we’re confident we can help you. Our development process always starts with the end goal of doing something better, faster and cheaper.    

 Difference #4: We Service Clients Who Want To Embrace Best Practices

Gold Lasso primarily services companies that send 100,000 to 10,000,000 messages per month. We have made 100,000 monthly messages our minimum requirement because we have found that businesses that send at least this amount make multi-channel marketing priority. We have made 10,000,000 monthly transmissions our ceiling because it is our experience that most, not all, companies that send more than 10,000,000 monthly messages are overwhelming their subscribers and wasting their money. Therefore, we have found that companies that send within this range take multi-channel marketing seriously and are willing to make the investment to understand best practices.  

 Difference #5: Platinum Standard Sending Practices

A lot of marketing technology provides especially email service providers pay lip service to deliverability however very few follow the platinum standard for best practices; custom DNS with unique IP address. Sending commercial email with a custom DNS and unique IP address is the BEST way to manage email deliverability. We take this practice so seriously that we mandate all of our clients follow it. In fact, if you don’t have a unique IP address and custom DNS you cannot take advantage of premium delivery services from ReturnPath and other certification and white listing services.  

 Difference #6: We’ll Help You Grow Your Subscriber Base

Gold Lasso is the only multi-channel solutions provider that has proven technology to help attract new subscribers. With our co-registration methodologies and partnerships, we will help you grow your lists finding new markets and expanding your reach.  Our co-registration technology is the most efficient and ethical way to build a subscriber list that even some of our competitors use it along with companies such as the Email Experience Council (EEC), MarketingSherpa, Epsilon and iMedia.  

 Difference #7: Free Integration With Third Party Systems

Gold Lasso currently integrates with over twenty third-party CRM, CMS and analytics systems including, Google Analytics, and Joomla. We also give all our clients free and full access to our API so they can enjoy seamless data flow between eLoop and other mission critical systems. If we currently don’t have an integration solution to meet your needs, just let us know, we might build it for you free of charge.  

 Difference #8: We Evaluate Your Strengths & Weaknesses to Help You Succeed

Gold Lasso provides all new clients with a FREE comprehensive 15-page report analyzing their existing multi-channel marketing program. From strategy to deliverability and systems integration, this report is valuable insight for clients who wish achieve success through best practices.

 Difference #9: Transparent Deliverability Metrics

Unlike many of our competitors that skew or mask their deliverability metrics, Gold Lasso is the only email provider that provides a 100% transparent view when it comes to deliverability. With Gold Lasso’s eLoop, you know which subscribers clicked the spam complaint button, which domains are having deliverability issues, exactly why subscribers are bouncing and where your messages are in our sending queue. No other provider is as transparent as Gold Lasso giving you the tools and information to make informed decisions about your campaigns.

 Difference #10: We Guarantee Our Value

Gold Lasso is the only multi-channel marketing provider with a value guarantee. Gold Lasso’s “Best Value Guarantee” assures that you will not find a more comprehensive, all-inclusive product on the market for the price. We guarantee our overall product value to be significantly better than comparable products and in many cases our pricing is 40% to 60% less.  You can be assured you’re getting the best value in the marketplace that will help to maximize your ROI.