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Too many publishers are still not doing these simple things to automate their email

Too many publishers are still not doing these simple things to automate their email

The buzz word of the year is most definitely automation. Everyone uses it, in almost every industry. Of course, I can only speak for the email technology industry where automation has reached new heights. Automation features in email are now available to even the smallest of publishers. The cost to automate email newsletters has dropped substantially, leaving no excuse NOT to automate.

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What Does Email Deliverability Mean to You?

Email deliverability is the most crucial part of your marketing plan. You can have the world's most talented copywriters and the most eye catching graphic designs, but if your email ends up in the spam folder, or perpetually floating around cyberspace, your hard work is all for nothing. But how do you know that your emails are reaching their destination? Most importantly, what do you do when you find out they aren't?

According to the Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report by Return Path, “only 81% of all permission based email makes it to the world’s inboxes. Globally, one out of every five emails lands either in a spam or junk folder (7%) or simply goes missing—blocked by ISP level filtering (12%)”. Though an 81% deliverability rate is certainly respectable, over time, that 19% difference can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Consider this: if you send out 1,000 emails, that is 190 customers who will never hear your message. 190 missed opportunities to make a connection with a person who might be looking for exactly what you are selling. If you snowball this as your email lists continue to grow, you could soon be looking at thousands of lost clients.

To combat this, monitor your email deliverability closely by analyzing bounce back errors, and act to rectify the problems as they arise. If the subscriber’s mailbox doesn't exist, you can remove it from your list. However, if it is a temporary issue, the email address can continue to be monitored and sent mailings periodically. List cleansing and email verification services like LeadSpend exist to aide marketers in this.

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Must Have Feedback Loop (FBL) & ISP Delivery Information

The information below can be used to assist you in removing your IP/domain from a block by the ISP or a Real-time Blacklist. If you are a Gold Lasso client and require further assistance with removal or questions regarding blocks or deliverability issues, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for deliverability consulting services.

Feedback Loop Information

All Gold Lasso clients are automatically subscribed to the below list of ISP Feedback Loops and complainers are automatically opted-out of your database:

Comcast, Cox, BlueTie / Excite, MSN / Hotmail, OpenSRS / Tucows, RackSpace, RoadRunnner,, Yahoo, Syncor (Coming Soon), Fastmail (Coming Soon). 

NOTE: We have recently been made aware of the fact that most if not all of the FBL's only register complaints that are made from mail that was received to the inbox only.   If your mail was filtered, then complained against (by clicking the "This is SPAM" button) then there is a high possibility that you are not receiving that information in your FBL's.

Below is a complete list of the available Feedback Loops.  It's important to be subscribed to all of them and use that data to remove the "complainers" from your list.  Continuing to send to subscribers that have complained can cause your deliverability to decline.

FBL Information
ISP Operated By FBL Signup Form
Yahoo! Return Path Feedback Loop URL
AOL AOL Feedback Loop URL
Comcast Return Path Feedback Loop URL
Blue Tie (Excite, Iwon, MyWay) Return Path Feedback Loop URL
USAnet Return Path Feedback Loop URL
RoadRunner Return Path Feedback Loop URL
Cox Return Path Feedback Loop URL
RackSpace Return Path Feedback Loop URL
OpenSRS Return Path Feedback Loop URL
Synacor Return Path Feedback Loop URL
FastMail Return Path Feedback Loop URL
Terra Return Path Feedback Loop URL
Zoho Return Path Feedback Loop URL
Earthlink Special Request Feedback Loop URL

ISP Information

ISP Postmaster Removals Best Practices SMTP Error Codes Whitelisting
AOL Postmaster     SMTP Codes Whitelisting
ATT / Bellsouth Postmaster Removals Best Practices SMTP Codes  
Bluetie / Excite Postmaster        
Charter Postmaster        
Comcast Postmaster Removals Best Practices SMTP Codes  
Cox Postmaster        
GMAIL Postmaster        
Hotmail Postmaster Removals Best Practices    
NOTE: You will not be able to signup for Microsft's SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) as Gold Lasso has already done this on your behalf. If you are not a Gold Lasso client you will have to check with whoever owns/manages your IP address.
Outblaze Postmaster        
RoadRunner Postmaster Removals Best Practices   Whitelisting
USA.NET Postmaster        
United Online Postmaster       Whitelisting
Verizon         Whitelisting
Yahoo! Postmaster Bulk Form Best Practices   Bulk Sender
Realtime BlackLists (RBL's and DNSBL's)
RBL Removals        
Invalument Removals        
SpamHaus NOTE: If you are SpamHaus listed, this requires Gold Lasso/your ESP's Support.
Lashback Removals        
SpamCop NOTE: If you are SpamCop listed, this requires Gold Lasso/your ESP's Support
Sophos Removals        
Barracuda Removals        
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Monday Morning Reputation Cheer


Here is my latest Monday morning Reputation cheer to kick the week off with a bang. #emailreputation #emailmarketing Have a great and productive week everyone.

NOTE - These were a series of tweets that started this morning at 9:20am Eastern which is why there are some abbreviations and such throughout the post.



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The Monday Morning Deliverability Cheer

So my Friday fun failed so I moved it to the Monday Morning Deliverability Cheer to rev up your work week. #deliverability #emailmarketing Enjoy...

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