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Email Newsletters Provides The Highest Channel ROI

Cross Device

Highest Viewability

Bot Free Zone

Most Engaged Audience

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High Performing Newsletter Traffic

Gold Lasso's native ads for email are 100% customized to the look and feel of publishers' email newsletters. From content recommendation blocks to in-feed custom placements, we'll help you reach the right audience without the hassle of spam traps and bots.

Ready for High Quality Traffic?

Advertising Overview

High Engagement

300%+ higher engagement with rates from 0.5%-2%.

Responsive Design

Renders across all devices and email clients.

Growing Inventory

New nventory from multiple categories added monthly.

In-Stream Placement

Provides maximum noticeability for your content or offer.

Geo Location

Target any geographic variable. Refer to location in ads.

Advertorials & Native Display

Promote full content pieces or native-style display ads.

Easy Setup

Upload creative, set your target, budget and get traffic.


Target mobile, desktop or just brand specific devices.


Target Safari, Chrome, IE whichever yields highest.

100% Custom Ad Format

Looks like a publisher's native content.

Ready for High Quality Traffic?

In-Stream Newsletter Natives

Gold Lasso's In-Stream Natives For Newsletters delivers a high performing superior experience for advertisers.


Great Performance

Your brand prominently displayed in the same format of high quality content.

100% Custom Format.

Gold Lasso matches image sizes, fonts, and colors to your news stream providing a superior experience for your subscribers.

Responsive Design.

Whether you're targeting desktop or mobile your ad will render beautifully across any device.

Ready for High Quality Traffic?

Newsletter Content Recommendation Strips

Gold Lasso's Content Recommendation Strips provides exceptional performance.


High Performance.

Eye catching when users are most engaged with newsletter content.

Custom Format.

Gold Lasso adjusts image sizes, fonts, and colors to the publishers' news stream providing a quality a ad experience.

Responsive Design.

Renders perfectly across all devices and email clients for maximum viewability.

Ready for High Quality Traffic?

Newsletter Native Interstitials

High impact native interstitials provides the highest email ROI.


Highest Performance.

This high-impact interstitial outperforms all others as it's triggered at the height of a user's engagement.

Limited Premium Inventory

This ad unit is an entrance pop triggered by editorial content engagement.

Responsive Design.

Renders perfectly across all devices and email clients for maximum monetization opportunities.

Ready for High Quality Traffic?

How To Buy?

Buy Programmatically

Programmatic/RTB - look for AdsNative then Gold Lasso in your DSP directory
  • Google DBM
  • BrightRoll
  • Mediamath
  • Zemanta
  • Bidtellect
  • StackAdapt
  • MdotM
  • BidSwitch
  • PulsePoint
  • Visible Measures
  • Inpowered
  • SimpleReach
  • AdMaxim
  • Bucksense
  • GetIntent 
  • Powerlinks
  • Sociomantic
  • Digilant
  • GiantMedia
  • RhythmOne
  • Content.Ad 
  • Adiant
  • RevX
  • Adform
  • Everquote
  • Storygize
  • Yandex
  • PocketMath
  • Bidsopt
  • JunGroup
  • GumGum

Buy Direct

Buy directly from our bidding platform.  Upload your image and copy, choose your market, and set your bid. It's that simple!

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