Native Email Monetization

Banner and display ads are dead! Introducing Native Email Monetization. A new way for media companies and publishers to maximize their Revenue Opportunity via email.

Have 90 Seconds? Watch This Video To Learn About Native Ads For Email

Squeeze More Revenue From Your Email Newsletters

Gold Lasso's email native ad units works with your current email service provider (ESP). You perform all of the same email marketing tasks, the only technical difference is that we automate the syndication of PPC (pay per click) native advertising in your newsletters. We can also help you monetize clicks on your newsletter editorial by triggering high impact interstitials on your website. Our targeting process matches thousands of ads against a proprietary algorithm consisting of subscriber demographics, purchasing history, and online behavior.

  • Email Newsletter Native Ad Units

    Give your subscribers a better ad experience that's easy on the eyes, individually targeted, and performs fantastic!

    What You Should Know
    • Outperforms Display Units
    • Individually Targeted Ads
    • Large Ad Inventory
    • Responsive Design Formats
    • Extremely Easy Implementation
  • Email Click Interstitials

    Now you can show subscribers individually targeted interstitial ads triggered when their attention is greatest.

    What You Should Know
    • Outperforms Most High Impact Advertising
    • Triggered Only By Email Editorial Click
    • Individually Targeted
    • Large Ad Inventory
    • Responsive Design Formats

How It Works

Maximize Email Monetization without sacrificing subscriber engagement

Better Targeting! Better Results!

At the moment an email is opened, the MD5 hash (encryption) of a subscriber's email address is matched against 2 billion profiles with demographic and behavioral data. Once matched, the most relevant ads are displayed in native formats either inside the newsletter or as an interstitial on your website when a newsletter link is clicked.

Native ads are 100% customized to the look and feel of your newsletter and interstitial ads take the form of a translucent lightbox letting the subscriber see that they are indeed on your website.  Using both ad formats has proven to boost email monetization with zero impact on list attrition or subscriber engagement.


Our Email Native Ad Benefits By The Numbers

Percent Better Performance
Billion Email Profiles Targeted
Percent Native Ad Format
Contextual Ad Categories
Less Than 1KB of Ad Code

Learn What You Can Earn

Native Publisher Examples

Join hundreds of other publishers using Gold Lasso's ultra effective NATIVE process of blending content, advertisements, and placement to maximize your email monetization.

What Publishers Say

These Publishers Are Maximizers

dailybeast national review washington examiner town hall Real Clear Politics The Daily Meal The Daily Caller Western Journalism Merriam Webster

These publishers, and hundreds of others, know there's more to newsletter monetization than just display ads. Native ads are a fresh new easy way to maximize your email newsletter revenue so don't miss the opportunity!

Learn What You Can Earn

Newsletter Automation

If content drives your business, we have email automation solutions for you!

Automated Newsletter Revenue Machines

The media industry is continually faced with the challenges of balancing subscriber experience and monetization. Gold Lasso optimizes this balance by providing advanced email management and automation technologies coupled with quality native ad revenue opportunities. With Gold Lasso's technology and ad partnership, you can transform your email program into revenue maximizing machine.

  • Automated Targeted Newsletters

    Say goodbye to the email newsletter production process with full automation

    What You Should Know
    • Use Any Content Source With RSS
    • Use Any Template Design Or Formatting
    • Multiple Send Time Variables
    • Responsive Design Formats
    • CMS Plugins Available
    • Zero Production Work
  • Automated Alerts

    Reduce attrition rates with automated renewal reminders.

    What You Should Know
    • Auto Triggered By Timing Or Status
    • Extensive Dynamic Content & Merge Capabilities
    • Easy Integration
    • Centralized Alert Creation & Management
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Zero IT Help Required
  • Subscriber Choice

    Give your subscribers real content choices without the management headaches.

    What You Should Know
    • Categorical Opt-In/Opt-Out
    • Automated Categorical Suppression
    • Subscriber Frequency Choice
    • Automated Complaint Removal
    • Ensure USA, EU & CN Compliance
    • Zero Management Hassle
  • Get Breaking News Out Fast

    Put breaking news where it belongs - in the hands of your editors!

    What You Should Know
    • Send Breaking News FAST From Any Inbox
    • Secure Email-to-Email Technology
    • Custom Formatted Alerts
    • Decentralize Breaking News
    • Fully Automated Process
    • Zero Slowness
  • Surveys & Polling

    Take your readers' pulse with instant surveys and polling.

    What You Should Know
    • Extensive Q&A Formats
    • Q&A Skip Logic
    • Triggered Invites & Reminders
    • Customizable Templates
    • Set Survey Quotas
    • Zero Limitations

Become A Media Mogul: Earn & Send Free!

Learn What You Can Earn

Gold Lasso provides superior value to publishers' email programs through subscriber monetization and technology cost savings.

Email Monetization & Automation Programs For Media Companies

Newsletter Natives

  • Outperforms Display Ads
  • Individually Targeted
  • Large Ad Inventory
  • Responsive (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet) Design
  • Easy Peasy Implementation
  • Custom Native Format

Interstitial Natives

  • Outperforms Most High Impact Units
  • Monetize Email Editorial Clicks
  • Individually Targeted
  • Large Ad Inventory
  • Responsive (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet) Design
  • Zero Disengagement & List Attrition

Media Professional

  • Newsletter Native Benefits
  • Automate Production & Sending
  • Discounted Email Sending
  • Revenue Producing Newsletter Design
  • Professional Account Management

*eCPM includes cost savings from free or discounted email automation and sending.

Email Services

From data management and strategy to revenue producing templates and creative design, Gold Lasso’s team of experts will work with you to ensure the profitability of your email program.

  • Program Strategy

    Without a proven email monetization strategy revenue goals fall short.

    What You Should Know
    • Integrate Processes From Inbox to Browser
    • Maximizing Mobile Opportunities
    • Subscriber Acquisition Programs
    • Revenue Maximizing Template Design
    • Extremely Easy Implementation
  • Data Management

    Your data is the lifeblood of your email program and Gold Lasso will help you leverage it's full value

    What You Should Know
    • Data Cleansing & Normalization
    • Data Enhancement (Demographics/Behavior)
    • Advanced Segmentation & Clustering
    • Data Mining & Trend Spotting
    • Custom Reporting
  • Revenue Generating Templates

    Your template design has a 30% effect on revenue. Use science not your gut!

    What You Should Know
    • Proven Revenue Maximizing Designs
    • Custom Branding
    • Responsive To All Major Devices
    • Light Code For Speed & Deliverability
    • Slick, Beautiful, & Attention Grabbing

About Gold Lasso

Gold Lasso is the industry leader helping media companies build and monetize subscriber engagement using native advertising and email automation technologies.

Our Core Values

Our core values help to guide us in our mission of supporting freedom of speech and expression through monetization and technology.

"To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker." - Frederick Douglas
  • Transparency

    Transparency builds trust - the foundation of all
    Gold Lasso relationships.

  • Innovation

    The constant questioning of the status quo leads to products and services with superior value.

  • Accountability

    We are collectively responsible for our successes and failures and we learn from them.

  • Achievement

    We are determined to always set the bar higher in everything we do.

  • Commitment

    Our commitment to our stakeholders: subscribers, publishers, and advertisers drive everything we do.

Our Leadership

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

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